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A Consumer Engagement Solution for Electric Utilities

UtilityHawk is an intuitive, easy-to-use consumer engagement solution for electric utilities that will connect residential, commercial, and industrial accounts to an AMI or "smart meter network". By providing near real-time usage data, billing information, and useful comparisons, your customers can see how to use energy more efficiently and save money.


Turn "Big Data" into Actionable Information

Even small utilities (5,000 meters) can generate millions of reads every year (172,800,000 reads at 15 min. intervals). That's a huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed, interpreted, and prioritized. UtilityHawk turns large datasets into actionable information that employees and your consumers, can understand and use.


Encourage Energy Efficiency

Want your customers to conserve or shift their usage to off-peak hours? UtilityHawk offers the following:

  • Time-of-use graphs that show when a customer's usage is costing him/her more money
  • Comparisons to similar users that reveal how an account can use energy more efficiently
  • Conservation targets (i.e. reduce usage by 10%) that show customers graphically how they're doing against a savings goal.

UtilityHawk helps your customers make smarter energy choices by seeing when simple changes--such as shifting the timing of household chores (dishwashing or clothes washing/drying) or when an AC unit runs--can substantially reduce an electric bill.


Electric use On Peak


A User-Friendly Solution

UtilityHawk is easy-to-use and immediately understandable. After customers create an online account, they'll be able to see:

  • Electric consumption data (up to 15 min. intervals)
  • Configurable views of their usage by: hour, day, week, month, year, billing period, and selectable date range
  • Daily temperature and weather data synchronized to usage
  • An estimate of their bill anytime during the billing period
  • A projected final bill amount.


Easily Resolve High Bill Issues

Utility staff and customers can simultaneously view usage data for any account, making it easier to identify time periods when a client may be using electricity unknowingly. Dealing with high bill complaints has never been easier or more efficient.


Give Customers More Control with Threshold Alerts

Threshold alerts give consumers more control over their energy expenses. Customers can establish billing period ($) and/or energy usage thresholds (kWh) and be notified via text message, e-mail, automated phone call, or direct mail when they are trending to, or have exceeded those values.

Many customers use this feature to ensure that there is no unauthorized consumption when they are traveling or are away from their homes.


Download Usage Data

For customers interested in analyzing their own consumption data (e.g. with Microsoft Excel), an integrated data export feature enables users to create a .CSV file with hourly, daily, or monthly values, for all of their accounts.


Committed to Information Security

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of information security through our internal policies and external systems. We actively protect the privacy and confidentiality of UtilityHawk users.

We use a reputable, high quality, cloud-based hosting provider that offers multiple layers of operational and physical security so you can be sure your data is safe and protected. Backups are automated and geographically diverse replication prevents any data loss in the event of a hardware failure, network disruption, or large scale power outage.


Promote Online Payment & Electronic Billing Services

If your utility offers online payment or electronic billing services, buttons within the UtilityHawk portal can be linked to those sites, encouraging customers to use them. Single sign-on integration can be enabled so users don't have to login multiple times.

If you don't have an online payment or electronic billing provider and need one, please contact us.


UtilityHawk Datasheet

Download a product datasheet by clicking the link below.

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